Bluejays how to rip off a bicycle Page
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bluejay is a little internet nazi control freak bitch that is in love with himself and probly many many men and boys  both on the internet and off, One thing for sure,  hes a grown adult that likes to ride his bike NAKED in back of local bike shops in texas prob- looking for a few childern, Who knows whats in his perverted little mind? But this site is about useing his web site tips,
So here we go just a few tips on a nice way to make some cash; something to do on a boring Wednesday night;)
??What you ask??
Stealing a bicycle with the purpose of reselling (or perhaps even for personal use
* Bolt Cutters [ Can be purchased for $15 at a local hardwear store or even stolen from a repair truck/toolshed...
More on the way and next will be on how to get buy and smoke crack for the kids under 16 and not get busted
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